Secret One: what you don’t know about AirBnB & Co

airbnb_logoIf You are reading this first post then it means that you really care about your Holiday Home business. Well, it’s now time to discover a few Secrets, things that nobody will ever say to You. Let me start with this short story…

Once upon a time there were Hosts who used to promote their homes through Short Term Let Agencies or, for the most adventurous ones, with a sign on the front wall. Then came the Internet, and with it DIY marketing and advertising became a global game.

Local websites or big platforms such as AirBnB, HomeAway or TripAdvisor made it look so easy for Hosts to connect with and reach a huge audience of potential Guests. Exactly, “POTENTIAL”…

Every Host sees AirBnB and Co. as a cost effective channel to advertise their property. And that’s very true. But that’s also where the problem lies: “EVERY HOST!”…

That translates into one simple, inevitable, unwanted, consequence:
The worst problem that You would ever want.

So, what about that huge audience of “potential” Guests? What’s the benefit if they end up BOOKING somewhere else? Because there is always going to be another property in the same area, with an extra room, for a CHEAPER RATE…  That’s how Hosts who do DIY advertising tend to behave: they lower the rates to beat the competition.

And that’s exactly what YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. Your Booking is precious, your Booking is the most important part of your Hosting process.

If you got to read to this point, then you deserve to know what the First Secret is…

Yes, they do. It might sound harsh but that is the hard truth. Their objective is only convincing You to advertise on their pages. Why? With so many Listings they can always offer available bed-nights and attract more traffic. But they don’t really mind if YOUR home will be booked, as long as one home is booked.

That’s why YOU are left with all the JOB to do: YOU create your own listing, YOU set your own rates, YOU answer to enquiries that often don’t even turn into Bookings. YOU do the job, THEY get the money.

That’s why Hosts who only advertise through these websites have the lowest number of nights booked every year at just above 50%! That’s HALF RENTAL INCOME gone to waste…

Now, don’t get me wrong: AirBnB & Co. are VERY, VERY important and valuable.  They are the best at providing You with huge traffic of “Potential Guests”: that’s their Unique Selling Point and they do that very well, no doubt about it. They are in fact the most important channels that you could ever advertise through. You just need to… TURN THINGS AROUND AND (YOU) START USING THEM. Take advantage of what they are the best at: guaranteeing traffic.

So how can you direct that traffic onto your Listing? How can you then convert it into REAL Bookings rather than time consuming generic enquiries?

Getting your home booked Online is getting more and more challenging. You really need to stand out from your tough competitors and there are Sales & Marketing techniques that  could really help you to do that. But it takes Time, Knowledge and Resources. And most of the Hosts do not have all of that.

What if someone could really HELP YOU to beat the competition by creating POWERFUL professional Listings that do work on AirBnB and over 100 more websites? What if they also managed any enquiry on your behalf and with a few “Magic Tricks” could turn them into a real Booking without compromising on rates?
That would be Added Value to your Home, your Time and, why not, your Pockets!

by Mauro Di Porzio
Booking All In Co-Founder



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