Magic Secrets

Feb 2016

In the first post of “Magic Secrets” I revealed to You one simple thing, though extremely important for your Bookings: just having a Listing on HomeAway and Co. is not enough as your Home on these website is like a drop in the ocean. Now, there are a few well known things that everyone should do (still, not everyone can do!) to make their Listing stand out and improve Booking conversion, like having professional pictures or a catching description of the property. And above all of them there is one thing that......

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Jan 2016

If You are reading this first post then it means that you really care about your Holiday Home business. Well, it’s now time to discover a few Secrets, things that nobody will ever say to You. Let me start with this short story… Once upon a time there were Hosts who used to promote their homes through Short Term Let Agencies or, for the most adventurous ones, with a sign on the front wall. Then came the Internet, and with it DIY marketing and advertising became a global game. Local websites or big platforms such......

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