A Host Like You: Marco’s (Happy Ending) Story

The Story of Marco T., with Booking All In since January 2013

Rome, Nov 2010. Holiday Home business starts

When we inherited my parents house it was more a hassle than anything else. Bills, management fees, property tax and all the maintenance of an old house from the ’60s, believe it or not, had not been a very welcome package to receive, as at the time we had already a mortgage to repay on our home. We then decided to refurbish the house and try to rent it out as a Holiday Home, like some neighbours we knew had been doing for a few years. We thought it could be a good idea both to have flexible access to the property (should we need it when family and friends would come to visit us) and to see if we could get more income than  a traditional long term tenancy.

Struggling with Bookings: no time for enquiries, mistakes in dealing with them

I didn’t have a notion on how to start promoting the house to find Guests. So I subscribed with different platforms, both free and with an annual fee: I posted the pictures, a basic description in Italian and made up the rates by looking at other Listings in the same area. In the first year we did get some results even though we had to face a really awkward and embarrassing situation: unfortunately my inexperience led me to an Overbooking (two different Guests arrived at the house on the same day…) as I had messed up the calendars of my Listings on two different websites (one was updated, the other one not).
In the second year the number of Bookings went down, mainly due to a nasty review about the Overbooking and my lack of knowledge on how to deal effectively with enquiries. Despite all the efforts in responding to prospective Guests’s emails and questions, they were not converting into Bookings. My high response time rate and poor language skills did me real damage.

Rome, Jan 2013. Booking All In takes over

I was about to give up when I met my neighbours, the ones I had taken the Holiday Home idea from. It was them who strongly suggested me to get in touch with Booking All InI met Mr Andrea Renzi and since day 1 I felt like I was speaking to someone I had known for years. He knew exactly what I was talking about: I gave him all the information he needed and, based on my property specific features (size, area, nearby services and attractions), he performed a professional market research and made up a strong Promotion Strategy for my house. I saw with my eyes how so quickly he fixed all the mistakes I had made.

More Income, Less Work with Booking All In 

It’s fair to say that choosing the right rates to charge, knowing the correct way to deal with enquiries and applying effective techniques to close a Booking  it’s a big thing. It’s a job in itself. Since Booking All In took over we started to earn more as they really know how to bring us Bookings. And we also work less, as we only focus on making our house ready and Welcome our Guests without worrying about all those emails arriving day and night!

I truly recommend Booking All In: if you don’t want to waste time and money why not contact them? There is no annual fee and it’s commission free… It’s a winner from day one.

By Marco T.
Booking All In Host in Rome



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